The Best Chocolate Shops in Canada

There are plenty of great chocolate shops in Canada that offer delicious bars, bonbons, truffles, and chocolates. Among them are Bernard Callebaut, Anne Chocolates, Casteleyn, Beta 5 Chocolates, Chocolat, Chocolaterie de Victoria, and many others.


Founded 25 years ago, this chocolate shop features a gamut of products with rich flavors and tastes, including roasted pecans and almonds, toasted coconut, coconut ganache, black tea milk ganache, and a lot more. You can try their cocoa truffles, dark chocolate hazelnut bonbons, or German marzipan with brandy and candied orange bites.

Beta 5 Chocolates

A great shop that offers award-winning treats, Beta 5 Chocolates offers a rich selection of products such as dark bars, cocoa nib bars, signature chocolates, caramelized pistachio pebbles, bourbon-cashew candy bars, and a lot more. The pastry and chocolate shop is located in Vancouver and uses premium ingredients and flavors.

Anne Chocolates

One of the best shops in Canada, Anne Chocolates offers a selection of delicious treats, gifts, and boxed products. You can try their milk truffles, mint truffles, Cavendish creams, chocolate covered pretzels, brown sugar fudge, or almond toffee crunch. The shop also offers gift baskets such as sweet treats baskets, new mom baskets, island delight gift baskets, and more.

Bernard Callebaut

This shop offers a gamut of snacking and baking products, desserts, treats, and gifts, including handmade and handcrafted bonbons, sweet morsels, baking bars, and a lot more. The selection of delicious sweets includes chocolate drops and snacking sets, extra dark wafers, shavings, and couverture baking bars. Chocolate shavings, for example, are a great addition to desserts such as tiramisu, cupcakes, and cakes. You can add drops to your favorite recipes, desserts, and drinks to add semi-sweet, while, milk, or bittersweet taste or flavor. The assortment of Bernard Callebaut also includes delicious sweets such as sea salt caramels, dark chocolate hazelnut, almond, and solid bars, coffee beans, and enrobed biscuits. You can also try their sweet pretzels, almonds, and biscuits, sharing packages with cookies and sweet pretzels, and boxes with white, dark, and milk chocolate with ganache, nut, and fruit filling. Bernard Callebaut also offers hand-rolled truffles, fleur de sel sea salt caramel, hand-finished salty and buttery sweets, and delicious gourmet products for everyone to enjoy.


Casteleyn is also among the best shops in Canada to visit and enjoy unique recipes, tastes, and most importantly, Belgian chocolate. The assortment of products includes marzipan maple leaves, caramel envelopes, cognac chocolate cream diamonds, roasted hazelnut dark logos, and plenty more. You can also try their coffee flavored truffles, candied Australian ginger, and hazelnut truffles. The shop also offers a selection of sweets for weddings and other special events. If you buy expresso, Belgian hot chocolate, caffe mocha, caffe latte, cappuccino, or coffee, you will also get complimentary sweets.

Chocolaterie de Victoria

This shop also has a reputation of being one of the best in Canada, and there is a reason why. The shop features a great assortment of delicious sweets, cakes, and drinks such as chocolate coconut ganache, butterscotch with roasted pecans, brandy spiked ganache, roasted almonds and brandied cherries, cocoa truffles, candied Australian ginger, and plenty more. Don't forget to try their Italian coffee with brandy, amaretto, and cappuccino layers as well. In addition to a great variety of irresistible sweets, you can have a cup of mokka, latte, expresso, or mole. You'd love the authentic recipes and unique tastes and handcrafted products, whether it is your wedding or a special day.

Opening a chocolate shop in Canada

To open a chocolate shop in Canada, you need a good business plan, low-cost financing, attractive location for your business, and a gamut of products that customers love.


Think of the products you'd like to offer, for example, cocoa mixes, gourmet nuts, chocolate bars, and handmade bonbons and bars. There are also imported chocolates and truffles, Fair Trade chocolates, high cacao content products, and organic bars. Some shops also offer exotic products and flavored mixes. Others offer holiday specials, which is an option to consider. There are shops that offer products in special packaging for special occasions such as weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, etc. The list of products is quite long, from boxed bonbons and fruit bars to crispy, almond, and baking bars, bittersweet bars, and unsweetened and semi-sweet chocolate bars. To make a decision, you may want to follow contemporary trends and try some chocolate specialties and gourmet products first.

How to Go about It in Steps

You can choose from different options, one being to open a new shop, and another to buy a franchise. A third option is to buy an operating business and store. Consider the type of ownership that best suits your requirements – corporation, partnership, or proprietorship. Think of a good organizational structure for your shop. You may need to hire a chocolate maker, salesman, accountant or cashier, and manager. The next step is to think of a signage, name, and location for your store. When it comes to location, there are other factors to consider, including square footage. This depends on the gamut of products you plan to offer. Contact the local authorities to inquire about the required leases, permits, insurance coverage, licenses, and so on. Finding low-cost financing is the next step for which you will need a thorough business plan.

Develop a Comprehensive Plan

A comprehensive business plan is essential to secure low-cost financing, whether from a major or local bank, credit union, or another entity. To develop a good business plan, you may want to look into factors such as customer demand and your target market, demographics, competitors and chocolate shops in your area, trends, market size, and so on. Think of potential problems and issues as well, for example, whether the location you choose is accessible for mothers with babies and young children, elderly people, wheelchair users, and people with disabilities. There are certain things to include in your business plan such as management control, capital requirement and start-up costs, functional strategies and objectives, marketing strategies, etc.


The last step is to shop around for financing, which can be secured by collateral or unsecured. One idea is to apply for a government-backed loan, which is a low-cost form of financing. Funding is offered under the Canada Small Business Financing Program to buy equipment, premises, and land. You can use the money to modernize, renovate, install, or buy equipment for your chocolate shop. A loan from a private provider such as a credit union or bank is a second option to look into. Your local union or bank, especially if you are a regular customer, is the first place to visit. Inquire about interest rate options, the amortization period, term and repayment schedule, and other details. Banks usually offer both fixed rate and variable rate products. If you choose the second option, your bank may adjust your payments because of interest rate fluctuations. With fixed rate loans, it is easier to budget and plan because the rate stays the same during the repayment period. You won't benefit from interest rate decreases, however.

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